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300 Meters Joblot Quilted Fabric
High quality quilted fabric manufactured in the UK.  Good quality lining...
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Glitter Velvet Velour Fabric Sparkly
Extremely luxurious glitter velvet velour fabric with a beautiful...
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Indoor and Outdoor Waterproof Fabrics

A selection of natural and synthetic waterproof fabrics that are inherently waterproof or treated to become water resistant.  We stock a number of different types including PU, Canvas and breathable.  These are extremely durable and can be used for clothing, baby wear, anoraks and bags.  Also available are outdoor fabrics which have many uses including awnings, tents, wind breaks, outdoor furniture and tarpaulin sheets.

We have Cotton Canvas Waterproof Fabric 14oz is a strong waterproof cotton canvas fabric.  Used for tents, tarpaulins and many other heavy uses.

A large tent made from Waterproof fabrics.

A list of top products lines in this category are given below.

4oz Water Resistant FabricMadrid Water Resistant Fire Retardant polyester
  • 4oz Water Resistant Fabric
  • 14oz Waterproof Cotton Canvas
  • Madrid Water Resistant Fire Retardant polyester
  • 4oz Quilted Water Resistant overlap design

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