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10 Meters Replacement Fabric for underside of Upholstered Sofas and Chairs
A good quality bottom cloth to replace fabric for underside of...
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Tight Collars and Waistbands Collar Expanders: Metal
Instant relief from tight collars and waistbands. Will extend shirts,...
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Origin of Hessian fabrics and its uses

Hessian fabrics are coarse, woven fabrics composed of natural fibres, most frequently from the jute plant. Often referred to as burlap, Hessian fabrics can be made from jute, cotton and sisal fibres, giving the fabrics different weaves varying from tight to very visibly open. Although the origins of Hessian and its original uses are very old, in recent years the production of Hessian has modernised with Hessian fabrics being produced in a variety of colours, densities and even with fire retardant coatings. Our range of Hessian comes in brightly coloured jutes, tightly woven cotton, fire retardant and classic natural Hessian popularly used for industrial sacks.

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