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Slight Seconds Waxed Fabric (5 metre lengths)
To Clear!  Slight Seconds. Waxed fabric. Waxed cotton canvas with a...
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Clearance Upholstery Fabric FR
To Clear.  Waterproof and fireproof upholstery fabric. Durable canvas...
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To Clear 3 metre roll of Upholstery Fabric FR
To Clear FR Upholstery 3 metre roll Tough, hardwearing, fire retardant...
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Clearance 120z Cotton Canvas
To Clear 12oz Water Repellant Canvas  Seconds. This fabric is stained...
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Waterproof Coated Nylon
Nylon fabric with a fully waterproof coating on the rear face.This...
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Fire retardant

There are 82 products.

Fire retardant fabrics is reference to fabrics that require a treatment that reduces the chance of catching a flame where in normal circumstances would burn. We have CRIB 5 upholstery , BS 5867 curtain and BS 5852 drape fabrics.
We stock inherently fire retardant fabrics in a variety of different roll widths and colours. Inherently fire retardan...


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