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Hemming Web Fusible 25mm/10mtrs

Fusible For easy no-sew hemming 

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  • Hemming Web Fusible 25mm/10mtrs
  • EUF558
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  • Fusible For easy no-sew hemming 
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Use Hemming Web to fuse two fabrics together. For hems, facings, appliques, reinforcing, applying badges, patching etc.


1. Hemming web is suitable for most fabrics, but always test on a sample of fabric first.

2. Always position Hemming Web between fabric layers so it is completely covered and none of the webbing protrudes (or it will stick to the iron).

3. To fuse — cover the fabric with a press cloth and using a steam iron or press cloth, fuse webbing in place, holding iron in position for 5-10 seconds, pressing slowing and firmly. Allow 10 minutes for fabric to cool before checking bond.

4. For hems — insert the Hemming Web 6mm below the top edge of the hem.

5. To adjust or alter the bonded fabrics, press the area to re-heat it and then separate the fabrics whilst still hot.


Hemming Web is suitable for most fabrics but always test on a sample of your fabrics first.

NB: Use the reusable Teflon Applique (855) when bonding fusible web to most fabrics.

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