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Iron-on Invisible Mending

1 pc 

40 x 50 cm

(15.75" x 19.6")

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  • Iron-on Invisible Mending
  • EUF601
  • £ 3.75
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  • 1 pc  40 x 50 cm (15.75" x 19.6")
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1. The side marked is the paper backing

2. Cut the mender to necessary size

3. Place over tear, hole, motif or in line with hem.

4. Place adhesive side down and using a moderate to hot iron press for 10 seconds

5. Peel the paper backing off

6. Place a piece of fabric in a similar size over the patch and press for 10 seconds

7. Allow to cool for 10 minutes

8. Fabric can now be machine washed or dry-cleaned as required

9. For a more permanent fix, sew layers together.


When fixing a tear in very sheer or light fabric such as silk chiffon, place a piece of wax paper or greaseproof paper between the fabric and ironing board to stop the patch possibly adhering the fabric to the ironing board.


• Test the Mender on a spare fabric scrap of similar fabric or on apart of the inside of the garment. Not advisable for use on transparent or open-weave fabric such as chiffon/voiles/nets.

• View the Hemline YouTube video on this product

• Can also be used to hem. Peel backing paper of first then place between fabric. Press with a press cloth.


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